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A family photo session takes a couple of hours spent documenting every detail of the current chapter of your life story. Whether that’s in the comfort of your own home snuggling up on the sofa, baking cookies in the kitchen, playing with the toys, or exploring the garden or a local park, it will be about whatever you and your family enjoy doing. It’s about spending a quality time with your loved ones and documenting it for you to remember in the future.






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family photography, family pictures, family photos, family photographer, bay area family photographer, family pictures bay area CA, bay area family photography, family photographer California, bay area family photographer, family photo session


A session fee is $400 which is payable at the time of booking. Photo packages are purchased separately and start at $500.


* Payment plans — We offer customized payment plans to make the investment easier. Most clients book 6+ months ahead of their shoot date, and split the cost into monthly payments leading up to their session. *

  • What should I wear to my Maternity session?
    Plan to remove any tight clothing or any clothing with elastic at least two hours prior to your session to avoid marks on your body. Try to wear a loose fitting dress to keep your skin smooth. This is especially important if you plan to have any nude or semi-nude portraits. I have a variety of Maternity gowns available to use during your session. You are also welcome to bring your own. Anything that accentuates your pregnant belly is suitable. Stretchy or lace materials are perfect. During your consultation we will discuss the style of shoot you want and talk about what to wear in further detail.
  • When is the best time to schedule my Maternity session?
    I like to schedule your Maternity session between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. By this stage your baby belly will have that gorgeous round shape, perfect for beautiful looking photographs. After the 36th week, most moms tend to feel uncomfortable and fatigued during their session, so it is a matter of finding the right balance for you.
  • Can I include my family in any of the images?
    I encourage it! Please bring your partner/friend and any older children to your session. Having your family be a part of your session will allow me to create more family orientated images where they can show their love for your unborn baby. Intimate images of just yourself and your partner should also be considered. I suggest you bring an extra adult to keep the children busy for the best results.
  • Can I suggest ideas and bring props?
    Yes of course! This is your maternity session. I will guide you and suggest ideas about posing, looks, locations and props but you are more than welcome to send me anything that inspires you. I encourage you to create a Pinterest board that you can share with me. Visual ideas are so much easier to understand and discuss. Please keep in mind though that it is only inspiration and the images we create are unique and will not look the same as another photographer's work.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for my Maternity session?
    Take the time to get pampered just before your session with freshly painted nails. I recommend choosing a color that is more on the softer, neutral side as opposed to bright and sparkly. If you want to feel absolutely amazing and beautiful during your maternity photoshoot, I highly encourage getting your hair and make-up done professionally. Makeup especially needs to be done for the camera which is often a little heavier than you might be used to. Any clients that book a maternity session with me will have access to my preferred hair and make-up vendors.
  • Where will my Maternity session take place?
    I primarily shoot on location. If you don’t have a particular location in mind, I have many favorite spots and am happy to suggest one. A small travel fee would apply to a location beyond 30 miles from my office.
  • Is there any advantage for me if I book newborn and maternity sessions together?
    Yes! With the maternity/newborn combo you receive a Petite (half) Maternity Session and a Full Newborn Session. The Petite Maternity Session fee is waived
  • What time of the day do you shoot?
    My preferred time to photograph your maternity session is in the late afternoon/early evening as this is when you get the lovely light you often see in my images. The exact times vary, of course, depending on the season.
  • Where are the sessions held?
    Newborn photography sessions take place at my home studio in the Camas/Washougal area in WA. I do offer sessions in the comfort of your home too, however there is an additional charge of $100.
  • When do I need to book?
    I advise you to book around the time of your 25 weeks scan. If you are looking for a last-minute booking i.e., your baby has already been born it is worth getting in touch with me as I do sometimes have a slot come up last minute if babies are early/late.
  • Do you do Maternity photos/Bump to Baby sessions?
    If you are booking a Newborn session with me, I can also offer you a Maternity photo shoot at a discounted price. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have more questions about this baby bump/newborn Package.
  • Why do the photos need to be taken in the first 14 days?
    Your baby will change so much in the first few weeks and months of their life, so this early stage is particularly special to capture before they grow. Many of the images you will see of newborn sessions, the baby has been posed into position. Posed newborn photography can only be achieved if the baby is in a deep sleep, which after 14 days becomes less and less. Saying this, it is still possible to take newborn photos up until around 4 weeks (longer if the baby is premature)
  • How long will the session last?
    Typically, sessions will last around 2-4 hours. On rare occasions, if the baby is unsettled this may mean we will extend the session at no extra charge. I ensure I keep the afternoon free after your session in case this happens, as the most important thing for me is that we get the outcome that you are hoping for. During the session you will get the chance to have a much-deserved rest on the sofa while I do all of the hard work!
  • Does it cost more for twins?
    I offer newborn photography sessions for twins at the same price as for one baby, the only thing I will ask is that you will support me when necessary, during the session. The only time the price will increase is if you have triplets or more as I will need to hire an assistant for the day to support the session.
  • How many people can come to the session?
    In order for me to maintain a calm environment for the session, a maximum of 2 people can attend on the day in addition to the baby. If you have older children too then I would ask you to bring some things to entertain them as well as at least 2 adults so if the older child needs to be taken out there is always one left in the studio.
  • Can we have family photos during our session?
    I actively encourage parents, siblings and extended family (whoever is attending the session) to be involved in the photos. Even if you aren’t feeling at your best because you haven’t slept much, capturing you with your new baby is so special and you might regret it if you don’t! I can also take photos of baby in your hands, these make fantastic black and white newborn images.
  • How can you book my session when you don't know when the baby is going to arrive?
    I book you in by your due date, and in order for me to deliver you a high level of service, I will only book two people each week. This means if the baby is late or early, I should still be able to fit you in within the first 14 days. Because I have such limited availability I would recommend booking as early as possible in your pregnancy.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    I will provide wraps, outfits, hair bands, hats and everything required for the photos. You can bring a pacifier, bottle, and a blanket from home to snuggle your baby during our small breaks. The studio will be warm to keep the baby comfortable so dress accordingly. *Complementary beverages and snacks available*
  • How will I view the images from my session?
    Images will be ready two weeks after your session. I will present you with approximately 25-30 images, you will then decide which package and images you would like, and you will receive an email with the digital copies on the same day. You will receive your printed images 2-3 weeks after the session. You will see in my price list; you are able to purchase additional digital images.
  • Can I have the unedited/RAW images?
    After the session I will spend a lot of time carefully editing your photos to a high, professional standard. The edited photos will then reflect my style and brand which you see on my website and social media. RAW/Unedited files will not be provided under any circumstances.
  • Can I get just the digital images with no prints?
    All of my packages come with printed images and high resolution digital copies. You might not realize, but when you go to most online and high-street photo printers, they don't offer you high quality, professional printing. High street printing can reduce the quality of the image as well as change the colors, which means the final result is not how your image was intended. I use professional printing labs, which I have tried and tested to ensure the best quality. Not only does this give you the image the way it is intended to look, but it also ensures you don't leave your images on a hard drive and never look at them. As we live in a digital world, one of the unfortunate impacts of this is on professional photography, it's great that we can capture so many moments and keep them on our phones and in the cloud, however when your kids grow up, think how special it will be when you can look through a physical album together!
  • Why is professional newborn photography so expensive?
    Professional photography is an investment, and when done right you will receive an exceptional experience and product at the end which is worth more than any price tag. My clients are extremely important to me, to give you the best result I need to spend time with you understanding what you like and want, preparing and delivering your session and editing your images. I understand that you have just had a baby, I want to give you the time and the space you need to relax while I work with the baby and deliver the highest quality result. I will always prepare for your session and not rush on the day; I will also deliver your images in a timely manner (you will view your images within two weeks). I invest my time making sure that I am the best for you, this means continuous professional training, from first aid to technical skills and newborn safety. I also source handmade props, headbands and outfits, as well as the highest quality fabrics and backgrounds. I invest in the purchase and upkeep of top of the range photography and computer equipment to capture and edit your images. As a professional business, I also have public liability insurance, professional software and subscriptions, website fees, advertising costs, tax, national insurance etc. When booking a newborn photographer, I would encourage to check what specific newborn photography and newborn safety training they have had, as well as checking that they have public liability insurance and use professional photography/studio equipment.

Lisa - Family

"Sofia was extremely personable and connected with my daughters, ultimately getting very natural photos of them. I was extremely comfortable opening up my home to Sofia - she was easy to talk with and set up and cleaned up efficiently. Her quality of photos is a 10/10. Thanks for a fun mini session!"
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